We are heading toward a slippery slope after I constantly hear of people living longer via the so called advanced treatments and mostly via the stupid so called preventive treatments.

I have to say I don't share the same beliefs of living forever on earth and i don't share the hope that is being raised from the so called advanced treatments.

I was told by a friend today that cerebral palsy can be less obvious if I work hard to re-adjust my body. Again I reject that view and I reject undergoing treatment to make cerebral palsy less obvious.

I also resent claims that I will live to 137 years old. I also resent claims by others that I should live a long life. I have to say that is not anybody else's business but mine alone and it makes me angry that people are constantly telling me to undergo treatment which I do not want to undergo. I strongly dislike people telling me to live forever.

I do not share the same beliefs of others in living forever and I don't share the same beliefs as others in advanced treatments. I also don't share the belief that I should pay for health care at all.

The fact is we are all going toward a slippery slope. The cost will be enormous and we will be paying more in health care and everything, free health care and pensions might be a thing of the past. Society will be much more greedier and nastier toward the elderly and the disabled because society would tend to expect the elderly and the disabled to work harder to keep healthy and to be younger and not disabled, and that is not an outcome I want.

Another possibility is society could become a ecomony full of money hungry people, and there could be a far higher number of homeless people out on the streets with no where to go to and people with unmanagable high debt that will never be paid off, another reason why I steadfastly don't share the belief that living forever and advanced treatments will offer any benefits at all.

I have mentioned in the past I do not want a bar of preventive treatment, I do not want a bar of treatment to make cerebral palsy less obvious and I do not want a bar of any cure for cerebral palsy or Deafness.

I just want mother nature to take its course in respect to cerebral palsy, and I strongly urge people to respect my decisions and beliefs otherwise I will fight tooth and nail to keep my beliefs alive.

We are moving toward a slippery slope so be warned!

William Walker